This is a closeup photo of the Headspace/FID-GC used for testing for dissolved gasses such as methane, ethane, ethene and propane.

Typical Analyses

Geochemical Testing provides a wide range of analytical tests.  Here are some typical groups of tests that we perform on a regular basis for our clients. The test groups below pertain primarily to Pennsylvania DEP forms but most states have similar groupings.  Call our regulations specialist for more information at 814-443-1671

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PA Form U

This is the PADEP's form that a waste generator would use to request to process or dispose of residual waste.  This could be to test any solid that needs to be disposed of such as oil and gas drill cuttings, industrial process waste materials,  contaminated soil, or other materials that needs to be sent to the landfill.

Visit PADEP Website here for more information.

Typical Form U analysis parameters

  • pH
  • Ignitability
  • Reactive Sulfide
  • Reactive Cyanide
  • Paint Filter Liquids Test
  • Oil and Grease-Solid
  • PCB's - solid
  • Phenolics-Total
  • Solids - Total / Volatile
  • TCLP Extraction-NonVolatile
  • TCLP Extraction - Zero Headspace
  • Metals - TCLP
  • Mercury - TCLP
  • Volatiles - TCLP
  • SemiVolatiles - TCLP
  • ASTM Extraction
  • Oil and Grease - ASTM
  • Ammonia Nitrogen - ASTM
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand - ASTM
  • Solids-Total - ASTM
  • Chloride - ASTM
  • Fluoride - ASTM
  • Sulfate - ASTM
  • Nitrate - ASTM
  • Nitrite - ASTM
  • Cyanide - ASTM
  • TOX - ASTM
  • Gamma Spec

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PA Form 26R

This is the PA DEP's form that is used by generators of non hazardous residual waste that requires laboratory analysis of a solid or liquid material  or sludge that results from industrial, mining and agricultural operations including wastewater treatment facilities. We typically analyze frack and production water for oil and gas companies using the PA Form 26R parameter lists.

Visit PADEP Website here for more information.

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PA Form 43

This is the PA form that Sewage Treatment facilities use to request approval to process or dispose of sewage sludge. We provide this suite of analyses to WWTPs on an annual basis.

Visit PADEP Website here for more information.

We even go one step further!

Yes, we routinely prepare state forms (with your analytical results) for you for PA Form 50, PA Form 52, Pa Form 19, PA Form 14R and a special form for WV sites.   Additionally we pre-populate your DMR forms for stormwater and monthly NPDES reporting.  Call our Client Services for more information 814-443-1671

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Energy and Environmental Analysis

Geochemical Testing is a NELAP accredited analytical laboratory that is certified in over 1000 parameters of chemical analysis.  This broad scope allows us to test groundwater, storm water, surface water, wastewater, soil, residual waste, oil and gas drill cuttings, production and frack water and more for a large number of contaminants and chemical properties.  Most importantly, our project managers are adept at helping you meet and face every challenge that comes with the complexities of environmental compliance.  We have the experience and know-how to help you keep your project on budget and on time.  Our clients range from individuals and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and include landfill operators, coal producers, utilities, municipalities, environmental consultants, state and federal government agencies.

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NELAP National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

Geochemical Testing is NELAP accredited through our home state of Pennsylvania which is an accrediting body of TNI - The NELAC Institute  We hold certifications with numerous states through the process of reciprocity whereby they accept our NELAP certification from our home state thereby conforming to a national standard. There are many states that have their own requirements for certification of laboratories and may or may not accept NELAP by reciprocity.  Read more...

Oil & Gas

Our highly trained teams are outfitted with PPEs to safely sample frack water, production water, drill cuttings or soil samples from your well pad sites, tank farms, containment or transport facilities. We use established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the sampling of Wastewater Frack Tanks, Triton Tanks, Wastewater Sand Traps and in the sampling of lined wastewater impoundment pits.  Geochemical Testing will also come to your site to get samples of your drill cuttings, drilling mud, and any other solid that needs to be tested for disposal or compliance purposes.  Read more...

Technical Field Services

In addition to laboratory analysis we can provide the service of collecting a representative sample from your site. Our technical field service technicians bring extensive sampling experience to  your projects. Whether it is the collection of a representative coal sample from rail cars or groundwater samples from landfill monitoring wells or surface water and pre-drill baseline drinking water testing; we provide a safe and efficient collection of your samples.  Combine your sampling and analysis for increased efficiency and quick turn around time!    Call Geochemical Testing client services today for a quote at (814) 443-1671  Read more...

Environmental Services

Geochemical Testing works with many environmental consultants and environmental engineers in the Eastern USA who represent companies that are seeking permits or are in the process of maintaining compliance with environmental regulations. We can provide analysis (and sampling if needed) of groundwater, storm water runoff, stream and pond waters, leachates and other liquids.  We provide sampling and analysis of soil and solids where contamination is suspected or remediation is needed, and where cleanup and remediation efforts need to be verified and documented.  Read more...

Coal Analysis

Geochemical Testing started out as a coal analysis laboratory nearly forty years ago and today runs three full round the clock shifts Monday through Friday to provide coal analysis for a variety of industries including Electrical Power Generation Industry, Mining Industry, Federal and State Governments, and the Metallurgical Coal Export Industry. Read more...

2016 Events!

We participate in many conferences and Expos throughout the year; below is our  2016 anticipated schedule. Click the conference link to take you to the conference or event website.

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March 16-18

Ohio Oil and Gas Association

2016 Winter Meeting

This year's OOGA Winter Meeting is  being held again at the Hilton in Columbus Ohio. Geochemical Testing will be exhibiting there in booth #22.  Join us there to learn more about our services!

Visit OOGA's Winer Meeting website

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March 22-23

Sustainability and EHS Symposium

Manufacturers Education Council

This is the 25th annual symposium in Cincinnati Ohio held at the Duke Energy Center.  Attend this conference to get the competitive edge in meeting today's complex regulatory challenges. Visit Geochemical Testing at booth #23 to learn about our environmental testing services.

Visit MEC's website

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April 13th

Annual Environmental Conference & Trade Show

This  environmental compliance event is organized by the PA Chamber of Business and Industry whose  environmental conferences and round tables are designed to help and prepare environmental managers to meet the numerous challenging demands of today's environmental programs.  Be sure to visit Geochemical Testing in Booth #1 at this important industry event.

Visit Pennsylvania Chamber Events

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April 27th

Ohio Valley Oil and Gas EXPO

This year's OVOG EXPO is being held  at the Belmont County  James Carnes Center in St Clairsville Ohio.  Geochemical Testing will be exhibiting in the main hall.  Join us there to learn more about our services!

Visit OVOG EXPO Website

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August 22-25th


This is the premier annual event organized by the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and is being held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis IN. Geochemical Testing provides laboratory analysis of groundwater, leachates, and other solids and liquids to Solid Waste Facilities across the eastern United States. Join us at this important industry event.

Visit the WASTECON website

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Keystone SWANA Fall Conference

Stay tuned for more information about this conference

Visit the Keystone SWANA website

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