Environmental Analysis Services

We provide analysis of groundwater, storm water runoff, stream and pond waters, leachates, condensates and other liquids in addition to soils, solids or residual wastes analysis when there is suspected soil contamination or for disposal or compliance purposes. GEOCHEMICAL TESTING works with a variety of clients such as environmental consultants, environmental compliance managers, engineers, landfill companies, and other industries and government bodies who are maintaining compliance with environmental regulations or seeking new environmental permits.

If you need to comply with NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) requirements we can review your permit to ascertain what test methods are best suited to the analytes and their detection limits that are required within your permit. After the analysis we can prefill your reporting forms so they are accurately completed and submitted without transcription errors. Our Client Portal gives you on-line secure access to your historical data and provides a framework for you to analyze and process that data. If you choose, we can automatically alert you by email (preliminary exceedence notice) if there are any irregularities in your analytical results that could need your immediate attention.

We have experience working with environmental consultants and engineers; whether you are a multinational firm or a 2 man office, we give you each the priority and individual service you need.

Environmental Sampling Services

Each sampler has completed safety and technical sampler training related to the target assignment. Our samplers routinely perform groundwater and waste water sampling using traditional bailers, submersible pumps, low flow or micro purge depending on the client’s requirement.

Oil and Gas Related Sampling Services

Our highly trained teams are focused and outfitted with PPEs to safely sample frack water, production water, drill cuttings or soil samples from your well pad sites, tank farms, containment or transport facilities. We use established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the sampling of Wastewater Frack Tanks, Triton Tanks, Wastewater Sand Traps and in the sampling of lined wastewater impoundment pits.   GEOCHEMICAL TESTING will also come to your site to get samples of your drill cuttings, drilling mud, and any other solid that needs to be tested for disposal or compliance purposes. See our page on oil and gas in "markets served" for information on analyses.

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Coal Analysis

GEOCHEMICAL TESTING started out as a coal analysis laboratory in 1975 and today runs three full round the clock shifts Monday through Friday to provide coal analysis for a variety of industries including Electrical Power Generation Industry, Mining Industry, Federal and State Governments, and the Metallurgical Coal Export Industry.

While all coal may seem to look the same, it does not burn the same. Determining the coal quality is not only important for valuation purposes, but also for protecting equipment, affecting plant efficiency, and for environmental impact modeling. Geochemical Testing offers a wide range of coal quality analysis from the basic Proximate Analysis to the complete or Ultimate Analysis. We understand the importance of timely results and we operate our coal department 24 hour a day Monday through Friday to give you results quickly. Call us for a Quote today! 800-767-0677

Coal Field Sampling

Gathering a representative sample is the most important step in obtaining analytical results that reflect the true overall quality and composition of the batch. Geochemical Testing's experienced Sampling Teams are trained to collect samples in accordance with both ASTM D 2013 (Standard Practice for Preparing Coal Samples for Analysis) and ASTM D 2234 (Standard Practice for Collection of a Gross Sample of Coal). Routine Coal Sampling Services include inspection,  size, luster, quantity, etc.,  Check for Impurities (Wood, Shale, etc.),  Sampling of stock piles, railroad hopper and truck,  Prep Plant,  Channel Sample

Ash Analysis:

One of the byproducts of coal combustion is the creation of ash, namely bottom ash and fly ash. Bottom ash generally falls out and is collected during the combustion process. The lighter fly ash, in past times, would have gone out the smoke stack, but modern pollution control mechanisms now trap and collect the fly ash. The goal with either type of ash is to find a beneficial use (creating concrete, asphalt, and bricks or for use in soil stabilization and as a clean fill). Ash that does not meet standards for beneficial use may be treated to meet the criteria. The alternative to both processes, and usually the more expensive option, is to simply dispose of the ash. Geochemical Testing has the capability to determine the quality of the ash and takes pride in assisting our clients in finding new/innovative ways to treat ash for beneficial use.

Routine Ash Analysis:

Waste Characterization,  Module 25 Analysis (Beneficial Use),  Form U Analysis,  Form 26R,  Treatment Studies,  Major/Minor Elements,  Mercury Analysis,  Leaching Analysis,  General Coal Analysis

Routine Coal Analysis:

Ultimate Analysis,  Moisture, Ash, Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur,  Proximate Analysis,  Moisture, Ash, Volatile Matter, Fixed Carbon,  Short Prox. Analysis,  BTU, Moisture, Ash, Sulfur,  Forms of Sulfur,  Total, Organic, Pyritic, Sulfate,  Major/Minor/Trace Elements,  Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen,  Chlorine/Fluorine,  Mercury Analysis (24-hour TAT),  Loss on Ignition,  Washability,  Fusibility of Ash,  4-Temperature,  Reducing,  Oxidizing,  Ash Content



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