FAQ's  Frequently Asked Questions

Client Supplies

Q:  Where can I get bottles/containers for samples?

A:   We will ship your sampling supplies to you!

1.  We provide shipping coolers loaded with "bottle sets" specific to your analysis needs prior to your scheduled sampling events.

2.  A COC (Chain of Custody) filled out (if requested and this is a recurring event)  with your site specific information included in a Ziploc bag in the cooler with the bottles.

3.  Just fill the bottles, wrap glass with supplied bubble wrap, pack with ice, secure cooler lid with tape, affix shipping label and drop it off at the nearest UPS shipping location and you're done!

4.  A pre-addressed prepaid UPS shipping label to facilitate return is included.

5.  We provide "To and From" shipping via UPS Ground.

6.  It is easy to arrange UPS pickup at your site by (if available in your area). 1-800-742-5877

7.  If you are an existing customer please call Client Support or your Geochemical Testing project manager. If you are a new customer please call the sales department to get you started. (814) 443-1671

Courier Services

Q: Can you pick up my samples?

A:  For your convenience, we may provide pick-up of your samples to quicken analysis TAT (Turn Around Time).  Courier services must be approved and prearranged with our shipping/receiving department prior to your sampling event.  if Courier service is not available in your area UPS is available for on-time one day ground delivery to us from a wide geographical area. Contact us for more information at 814-443-1671

Field Sampling

Q:  Can Geochemical Testing do the field sampling?

A:  Yes, we  offer a wide range of sampling services. Our Field Technicians routinely perform groundwater monitoring, wastewater sampling using traditional bailers, submersible pumps, low flow or micro purge depending on the client’s requirement. We can also sample your drill cuttings, contaminated soil and other solids. For more information please contact a client support representative by calling 814-443-1671 and asking for Client Support.

Client Forms

Account Set up

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Chain of Custody


Client Portal Instructions


Client Portal Instructions

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Main Office

2005 N Center Ave

Somerset, PA 15501

Monday-Friday 7am to 5pm.

Sample Receiving

Monday-Thursday 7am to 7pm EST

Fridays 7am to 3:30pm*

Saturday deliveries may be available with prior laboratory approval.

*exceptions include short holding time substances; Microbiological samples, MBAS (Methylene Blue Active Substances), BODs etc.

*MBAS accepted:

Monday - Thursday 7am - 6:30pm

Fridays - 7am - Noon

Samples pre-approved for acceptance after noon on Friday will be subject to a 2x rush fee.

*We only accept Microbiological samples on weekdays Monday through Thursdays until 5:00 pm EST due to the short hold times (DEP Reportable Microbiological samples Monday through Wednesday). Please contact us via phone to verify Microbiological sample acceptance for the week of a holiday.”

Holidays are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Permit Review

Q: Can we have Geochemical Testing look at our permit?

A: We can review all environmental permits from your site to make sure that you are completing all of the analysis that is required and to verify that you are not getting unnecessary, outdated, or duplicate analyses. We can also check to be sure you are requesting the appropriate instrumentation/technology given the detection limits listed on your permit.


Q: How do I get my test results? What data reporting methods do you use?

A: Geochemical Testing will deliver your results/data in most major formats or in one or more of the following ways:

1.  Mail copies of the final report to your location.

2.  Email a PDF copy of the report.

3.  Email the report as Excel file or CVS.

4.  EDD (Electronic Data Deliverables) deliver data electronically using a wide variety of formats such as Dumpstat, Equis, ChemStat and many more.

5.  Custom EDD to meet your requirements.

As a courtesy, Preliminary Exceedence Notices can be automatically sent to you, if requested. When a test result exceeds your permitted analyte level you will be notified as soon as it is detected. Please note that this will be a preliminary finding that has not gone through normal reviews, but is sent to you in order to give you as much notice as possible on a red flag event. Please ask your Client Support representative how to sign up!

Q: Can I access my reports online?

A: Yes, for customers that have repeated analysis for one or more sites, we can give you secure online access to your current and historical data through our Client Portal.   Some of the more popular features are; access to pdf files of supporting documents, trending and statistical tools to use on historical data, searches enabled by site, time, analyte, workorder or test, all with printable or down-loadable results.



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